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About us

We make all our beer in East London, and a proportion of every sale goes to Pump Aid - meaning each beer you buy helps fund sustainable solutions for access to safe water and sanitation in Sub Saharan Africa. 

James founded Pretty Decent following a career in the charity sector. Working with a wide range of organisations, he developed a passion for raising money to effect change. Pretty Decent combines James's love of beer with his philanthropic expertise. 

Having started out by making beer in the corner of other breweries, we recently moved into our very own arch in Forest Gate, East London. We brew an increasing range of beers. We aim to build on local feedback, and years of recipe testing to keep making simple, sessionable beer. We then serve it at the weekends directly from our brewery.

We grew up on two simple rules – make beer that is sessionable and accessible.

That means no names, just a clear indication of what style you’re drinking, what went into it and where the money goes.

Of course, we spend a huge amount of time nerding out on our recipes and are ecstatic at the chance to be producing these in our own place – so of course come let us bend your ear about what we have planned.

The beer


Pale Ale

Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Sorachi Ace
ABV: 4.5% 

Our very first brew in Forest Gate. Following a year of development, we devised this combination of a simple British grain bill, paired with American style hops.

India Pale Ale

Coming soon.

The second of our core beers, designed to be enjoyed as part of a session alongside our Pale Ale.

A greater use of toasted malt makes this beer a little stronger, with US style hops providing a refreshing flavour.

Session Pale Ale

Coming Soon.

Again, we’re keeping it simple with this one.

It features a clean malt base and a single hop. There's not much more to say – other than it’s most definitely sessionable!

Get in touch

Come by our taproom in Forest Gate where we have a growing range of beer on tap and bottles to take away. 

Our January and Feb opening times are:

Thus-Sunday 4th - 7th Jan -CLOSED
Friday 12th January - 4-11pm
Saturday 13th January - 12-8pm

Our taproom will then be open Friday 4-11pm & Saturday 12-8pm ONLY until 1st March 2018 after which we will open Thurs-Sun as usual. 


Email james@prettydecentbeer.co
Telephone +44(0)7825 381 346

Pretty Decent Beer Co
Arch 338 Sheridan Road
E7 9EF


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Partnering with Pump Aid

Our main aim in starting the Pretty Decent Beer Co was to ensure drinking decent beer also had a decent impact. As such, we give 15p of every beer we sell to Pump Aid.

Their small business approach to ending water poverty was something we felt fitted well with a start up brewery in the UK. 

Pump Aid is a unique UK registered charity working in Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. Since 1998 it has brought reliable access to safe water to 1.35m people in sub-Saharan Africa, however, the organisation has come to understand that the traditional aid model for delivering clean water and sanitation is not working properly.

As part of developing a better approach, Pump Aid took the step of commissioning the design in Malawi of a new type of pump that could be built locally, in a simple workshop, from affordable and locally available materials. The charity then embarked on a programme of setting up, training and mentoring small businesses to dig wells and build, maintain and repair pumps and sell their products and services at an affordable price. By linking customers with Village Savings and Loans committees, Pump Aid has enabled them to invest in water points – supplied, built, maintained and repaired over the long term by the entrepreneurs it has trained. Watch Pump Aid’s video to learn more.

Pump Aid was crowned International Development Charity of the Year at the 2017 UK Charity Awards for this ground-breaking work tackling water poverty. After the first year of the project, 25 small businesses had given 21,614 customers sustainable access to safe water at half the per capita cost of the traditional aid model.

Pump Aid’s approach has also enabled local farmers to seize the benefits of affordable irrigation, bringing improved agricultural output and food security; and the charity employs the small businesses to build water points, latrines and kitchen gardens in pre-schools, drastically improving the life chances of the under 5s. There are no subsidies and all funds invested remain in the target communities building resilience and self-reliance through improved health, education, economic empowerment and agricultural productivity.

We're delighted to be a partner of Pump Aid, and every beer you buy helps provide access to water for communities in the developing world. Which feels all in all like a pretty decent thing to do whilst drinking a beer...