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Every single sale we make sees money go to great causes around the world.


Unlike companies who pledge a share of profits to charity, giving money to great causes is baked into our business model. Every single pint, keg, bottle or can we sell includes a donation - and this has been the case for every single beer we’ve sold, right from day one.

Our customers have helped us give thousands of pounds to charity already - meaning that you can feel good about being a Pretty Decent drinker.

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Pump Aid

Our current charity partner is Pump Aid. Pump Aid takes a community focused approach to tackling water poverty - and at Pretty Decent our community of beer lovers helps to tackle that with every beer they buy!

Water is a basic human right but across the globe millions of people don't have access to a clean, safe, sustainable water source. From every beer we sell 15p goes to Pump Aid who work closely with communities in rural Malawi to change that. They promote lasting, positive change - by up-skilling local artisans in the building and maintenance of community water pumps - allowing therm to take ownership of their future, providing clean water to thousands of community members and freeing them from the cycle of aid dependency. This approach is more effective, sustainable and fair than aid alone. All in all, we felt this made for a Pretty Decent partnership.

Find out more about Pump Aid and their work here.